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Would you like a Healthy Beautiful Lawn that saves you money, time, and effort?

Why be YardWise – Because it Works!

logoTexans spend over $300 million each year to dispose of yard waste in landfills. Billions are spent in total yard care costs: watering, fertilizing, chemicals to combat harmful insects and plant diseases, and professional services. The EPA estimates that nearly 2/3 of the pollution in U.S. rivers and 3/4 of the pollution in our lakes comes from “non-point sources” (residential lawns and landscapes).

Homeowners and landscapers apply approximately 90% of the pesticides used in the U.S. – farmers only use 10%.

Lawn and other urban landscape runoff carries topsoil and chemicals into our streams and lakes that we increasingly rely on for our drinking water. Over 200 stream segments in Texas do not meet water quality standards.


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