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Storm Drain Marking

Did you know that your daily activities may have a negative environmental effect? Fertilizing your lawn, using pesticides, or washing your vehicle may be a problem.

Anything entering a storm drain is discharged untreated into our community waterways. As rainwater moves over land, it picks up pollutants and deposits them into local waterways. Storm drains were designed to capture and transport rainwater runoff into community waterways to prevent flooding.

st-marker_1The Storm Drain Marker Installation Program was developed by the City of Sugar Land and Keep Sugar Land Beautiful to prevent waterway pollution. We are always looking for volunteers to help! A specific neighborhood will be assigned for you to install markers on designated storm drains and place an educational door tag on each home. Training, safety instructions, and supplies will be provided.

If you are interested in marking storm drains in the City of Sugar Land, please complete the Storm Drain Marking Volunteer Application Form.

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