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Apr 4, 2020
10:00 am
15300 University Blvd Sugar Land, TX

2020 Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off

Keep Sugar Land Beautiful will hold their 27th annual Trash-Off on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Registration is required to participate. Registration forms and group spreadsheets are due MARCH 11. All volunteers, under age 18, are required to have an adult (over age 21) to register and participate with them. Volunteers will be assigned to pick up litter at designated sites in Sugar Land and should allow approximately two hours for cleanup. Volunteers will need to provide their own transportation to the meeting site and to their assigned cleanup site. Last year, 276 KSLB volunteers picked up over 3,505 pounds of litter during our Trash-Off!  Special thank you to Nalco Champion for 27 years of sponsorship! H-E-B will be donating delicious snacks for our registered volunteers – thank you!

Trash Off Volunteer Registration Waiver 2020

KSLB Trash Off Group Registration Spreadsheet 2020

Ocean Litter (Marine Debris)

  • 6 million tons of debris enter oceans every year (
    • Weighing about the same as a million elephants!
  • Plastics are the most common man made objects seen in oceans
  • 269,000 tons of litter float on the surface
  • 4 billion plastic microfibers per sq kilometer litter the deep sea

Texas Litter

  • 1 in 4 Texans admits to littering in the past year
  • 62% of Texas smokers admit to tossing their cigarette butts out of their cars
  • Most common litter: food/organic material, cigarette butts, receipts, gum wrappers
  • 71% of litter is microlitter, not easily seen on roadways (cigarette butts, straws, wrappers)
  • You can be fined $500 every time you litter!!!!
  • If you toss more than five pounds, you may have to pay up to $2,000!!!
  • If every person in Texas picked up 2 pieces of trash (every month), our highways would be liter-free in 1 year



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