Improving Our Environment Through Education and Engagement

Tips to Reduce Plastic Use and Waste

Steps that are free, almost free or SAVE money & make a huge impact:

  1. Use a stainless-steel water bottle instead of single use plastic water bottles.
  2. Challenge yourself to take and use your reusable bag when shopping.
  3. Use Eco Friendly laundry sheets or laundry detergent in cardboard boxes.
  4. Buy cotton mesh produce bags and keep them in your reusable grocery bags.
  5. Buy a reusable straw and keep it handy instead of accepting plastic straws.
  6. At home, use reusable glass containers instead of plastic.
  7. On the go lunches, use reusable containers instead of single use bags.
  8. Buy beverages in aluminum cans or glass.
  9. When getting take-out, refuse the plastic ware, sauce packets and straws.

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